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Disputing an Invoice

If the accuracy, completeness, or quality of goods or services billed on an invoice is in question, a dispute may be initiated with the vendor.

Dispute is defined as any discrepancy showing something might not be true or accurate with the invoice or billing document. A dispute may result in delay of payment, depending on the vendor response time.

With the exception of taxes and tips, departments cannot alter or change vendor invoice data, including disputed invoice amounts. A revised vendor invoice or credit memo is required for billing corrections.

  • The vendor must be notified in writing within 21 calendar days from the date Texas State first received the invoice. If you fail to notify the vendor in a timely manner, the vendor may not honor the dispute and the invoice will be subject to interest.

    • Send an email notice to the vendor stating the invoice in question is in dispute and being rejected for the following reason(s); be clear in your explanation of the dispute reason.
    • Include the invoice as an attachment to the email.
    • Retain both the email communication and the invoice until the dispute has been resolved.
    • The vendor may also be notified over the phone, which will stop the 30-day processing time. If communication is over the phone, you must document the date you spoke with the vendor as well as the person's name, title, phone number, and what was discussed and/or agreed.

    If an Accounts Payable (AP) staff member originally sent the invoice to the department, all dispute correspondence must be sent to that person in order to attach it to the invoice.

  • The resolution must be provided to AP by whomever initiated the dispute.

    If the vendor was wrong:

    • Wait for the new/revised invoice; the baseline date will be the date the new/revised invoice is first received.
    • The new invoice should indicate it is a “Revised” invoice by the vendor or department resubmitting the invoice. Be sure to date stamp or note the date it was received.
    • Email the original invoice number, dispute email chain, resolution email, revised (corrected) invoice and any other supporting documentation to AP at If the invoice was sent from an AP staff member, the dispute and resolution information should be emailed to them. This communication should be promptly sent to AP once the dispute has been resolved so the payment process can be completed.

    If the department is in error:      

    • The baseline date will be the latter of the original invoice received date or the goods/services received date.
    • Email the dispute email chain and any other supporting documentation to AP to be attached to the invoice.
    • Depending on the length of time it took to resolve the dispute, interest may be due to the vendor.

    For questions, please contact Accounts Payable at (512) 245-2777 or