Piper Professors


Each year, the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation honors faculty members in Texas colleges and universities for their outstanding achievement in teaching at the collegiate level.

Piper Foundation honorees are well rounded, outgoing teachers who are devoted to their profession and have made a special impact on their students and the community.

Our Contribution

Texas State University is proud to have had 23 faculty members chosen as Piper Professors. Only one other university has had more.

Year Professor Discipline
2018 Steven Beebe Communication Studies​​​​​​​
2016 Debra Feakes Chemistry and Biochemistry
2015 Vedaraman Sriraman Engineering Technology
2013 Kenneth H. Margerison History
2012 Steven Furney Health and Human Performance
2010 Max Warshauer Mathematics
2008 Brock Brown Geography
2007 James Housefield Art History
2006 Christopher Frost Psychology
2005 Byron Dale Augustin Geography
2004 James David Bell Business
2003 Paul Nathan Cohen English
2002 Nancy Feyl Chavkin Social Work
2001 Michael John Hennessy English
1993 Barbara Hatcher Curriculum and Instruction
1988 Beverly Chiodo Computer Information Systems
1982 Robert Walts English
1979 Henrietta Avent Health and Physical Education
1976 Clarence Schultz Sociology
1975 Dan Farlow Political Science
1970 Thomas Brasher English
1968 Robert Galvan Modern Languages
1962 Emmie Craddock History