Name History

Authorized by the Texas legislature in 1899, Southwest Texas State Normal School opened its doors in 1903. Over the years, we've broadened our scope and changed our name a few times as well. 

Each name reflects our growth from a small teaching institution to a major, multipurpose university. Through our nine academic colleges, Texas State offers more than 200 undergraduate and post-graduate degrees to serve the needs of future generations of Texans.

  • 1899: Southwest Texas State Normal School was authorized by the Texas Legislature
  • 1918: Southwest Texas State Normal College 
  • 1923: Southwest Texas State Teachers College 
  • 1959: Southwest Texas State College 
  • 1969: Southwest Texas State University 
  • 2003: Texas State University-San Marcos 
  • 2013: Texas State University 


TXST light pole banners

TXST light pole banners in 2022.


1910 jerseys for the Southwest Texas Normal School baseball team.

South West Teacher's College track team, 1929

1929 track team jersey reading "San Marcos Teachers."


Southwest Texas State Normal School baseball players sporting their "Normal" jerseys, 1908.

SWT acronym logo for Southwest Texas State University

Southwest Texas State's abbreviation, SWT, is most commonly used as a throwback logo.

SWT track runner uniform

Track runner with the Southwest Texas jersey, 1968.

Image of logo: Texas State University - San Marcos 'The Rising Star of Texas'

In 2003, the Legislature dropped the regional SW designation and the institution became Texas State University-San Marcos. In 2013 the place portion of the name was eliminated.

Launching new name in 1990

ROTC raising the new flag for TXST branding in 2003.

TXST holiday ornament from 2011 with the Texas State University - San Marcos name

2011 commemorative ornament featuring the Texas State University - San Marcos name.

TXST acronym logo

Widespread use of Texas State's official abbreviation, TXST, spurred the creation of an alternative logo design in 2017.