Alma Mater


The Texas State "Alma Mater" lyrics were written by Jessie Sayers, one of the first Texas State professors and sister of Texas Governor Joseph Sayers. It was written in the early 1900s to the tune of "Ancient of Days," a hymn written in 1886 by J. Albert Jeffery.

The song paints a portrait of our hilly campus above the San Marcos River. At the end of every athletic event and commencement ceremony, students sing the "Alma Mater" together.


O, Alma Mater, set upon the green hills,
With turrets pointing upward to the sky,
We yield to thee our love and our devotion;
Mother of hopes and aspirations high.
Thy spirit urges us to deeds of valor,
Raising the fallen, cheering the oppressed;
Thy call will echo clearly down the ages,
Dear Alma Mater, mother loved and blessed.