Override Request Form

This form is intended to be submitted AFTER you have attempted to register. Do not submit this form until registration is open and you have attempted to register for a course in which you have received an error message.

This form is for Engineering Technology classes only (TECH, CSM, CIM).  You will need to contact the appropriate departments for other courses.

The first step to registration problem solving is to read all of the error messages.  Oftentimes, you can problem solve your own by reading the error messages.  Click here to try to solve your registration error. 

If you are unsuccessful, proceed with this form only if you receive an error while trying to add a course to your schedule.


  • The department does not provide overrides without the faculty/faculty advisor's permission. 
  • A faculty advisor must verify your eligibility for an override.
  • You must discuss prerequisites with your advisor BEFORE attempting to register.
  • Faculty Advisors are found here.


Personal Information

Course Information (course you want to register for)


Justification for Override Request

Registration Error Message Received After Attempting to Register:

Please attach a screen shot of the error message you received AFTER attempting to register for this course per the instructions below:

1.  On PC's, use the "Snipping Tool" program and save the image.
     On Macs, press "Apple key + shift + 3" and release, then use
     your mouse to select which portion of the screen you would like
     to capture.
2.  Upload saved document in the file field below.


After receiving an email indicating that you were granted a course override, you must go back and register for the course to add it to your schedule.