Engineering Technology (ET) Program


Bachelor of Science Technology in Engineering Technology


The BST in Engineering Technology provides students with the technical background required to enter technical careers in various industries. Engineering Technologists are involved in different professional activities such as planning production processes, developing tooling, establishing quality assurance procedures, cost analysis, developing safety programs, designing facilities, and implementing lean principles. Students can specialize in:

Civil Engineering Technology
Electrical Engineering Technology
Environmental Engineering Technology
Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Mechanical Engineering Technology

Enrollment by Program

ET Core Courses

Course Number Course Name
TECH 2351 Statics & Strength of material

TECH 2344

Power Tech
TECH 3364 Quality Assurance
TECH 3345 Lean Systems (WI)
TECH 4380 Industrial Safety (WI)
TECH 2190 Intership
IE      3320 Engineering Statistics
MATH 2472 Calculus II
MGT 3303 Principles of Management
MGT 4330 Prod & Oper. Management
CS   1428 Foundations of Comp. Science
PHYS 1430 Mechanics and Heat
PHYS 2425 Electricity and Magnetism
ET Core Courses
ET Faculty

ET Faculty

Name Email
Ameri Farhad
Khaleghian, Meysam
Pool, Bill
Song, In-Hyouk
Trueba, Luis
You, Byoung Hee

ET Program - ABET Accreditation

The Bachelor of Science in Technology degree program in Engineering Technology has been accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology (ABET). With ABET accreditation, students, parents, employers and the society we serve can be confident that a program meets the quality standards that produce graduates prepared to enter a global workforce.

ET Program - ABET Accreditation