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Introduction to STAR Park

Wide shot exterior view of STAR Park
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The Science, Technology, and Advanced Research (STAR) Park is a 58-acre site that hosts STAR One, Texas State’s first building dedicated to the university’s research and commercialization efforts. Construction on STAR One started in October 2011 and was completed in June, 2013. The 36,000 square foot facility serves as a technology incubator for start-up and early-stage businesses and will provide tenants access to secure wet labs, clean space, conference rooms, and office space.

The incubator program at STAR One is designed to foster the collaborative development of new commercial ventures in applied research. This building hosts "spin-offs" from research conducted and intellectual property generated by university faculty, and "spin-ins" from companies outside the institution that want to come in and strategically work with the university.

Close up exterior view of STAR Park
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The overall goal of the incubator program is to provide space and infrastructure to expedite research and commercial development of promising technologies in the context of viable, well-managed companies.

By bringing together a critical mass of university and private sector specialists, the incubator program becomes a magnet for scientific expertise, novel problem solving, and successful commercial ventures. The incubator program is particularly interested in supporting companies that have established research relationships with Texas State or that have an interest in, and potential for, initiating such relationships.

What is a Business Incubator?

Interior view of research hallway at STAR Park
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A business incubator is a unique and highly flexible combination of business development processes and an infrastructure of people designed to nurture new and emerging businesses during their early stages. The business incubator helps emerging businesses thrive by giving them access to resources that can be beneficial. Having help from a business incubator, like STAR One, can help new and emerging businesses thrive as they aspire to become larger and more relevant in the community. It is a stepping stone for businesses that provides the resources and support needed for future success.

What is a Research Park?

Material Science Chemistry Lab at STAR Park
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A research park is more than a physical location; it is the embodiment of culture, innovation, and entrepreneurship that combines the excitement of discovery with a focused drive to take new products and processes to market for the benefit of mankind. Research parks provide a unique environment which attracts and enhances research partnerships, the flow of talent, the exchange of ideas, and access to specialized equipment and services which accelerates the translation of ideas to realities.

Successful research parks become a community of innovation by growing to a critical mass. This creates a growing pool of talent, establishes a culture of entrepreneurship, attracts companies seeking to tap the resources being created, and becomes a center for driving regional economic growth.

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