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SAP Announcements & Info

Instructions for Completion of SAP Software Requisition

We're introducing a change to the creation of requisitions for licensing software. Please see the following instructions for more details:

Instructions for Completion of SAP Software Requisition

Learn about ways to access SAP at Texas State

Did you know there's multiple ways to access SAP? Visit the SAP page on the IT Assistance Center website to see which version of SAP best suites your needs.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact the IT Assistance Center. We’re here to help keep you connected and protected!

Routine Maintenance Schedule

The SAP system may be unavailable from midnight Saturday to noon on Sunday for weekly maintenance. Business areas are asked to coordinate one week in advance if system availability is required during this regularly scheduled maintenance time.

Remember to Think Before You Click!

Helpful tips to securely access the SAP Portal:

  • Recognize the SAP Portal web address:
  • Exercise caution when clicking SAP Portal links in e-mails. When in doubt, access the SAP Portal via the Texas State home page, located under more tools.
  • Look for the color green in the web address. The SAP team has enabled a security feature that will display the color green when you've reached the proper SAP login page.