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Compliance Partners Committee

Bobby Mason, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Compliance, Chief Compliance Compliance, Chair (T)

Dan Alden, Director, Procurement and Strategic Sourcing (R)
Marivel Alvares, Director, Research Support Services (R)
Ismael Amaya, Assistant Dean, Dean of Students (R)
Alicia Barthel, Director, Talent Acquisition and Inclusion, Inclusive Excellence for Faculty and Staff Initiatives (R)
Cristine Black, Associate Vice President, Budget and Planning (R)
Darryl Borgonah, Associate Vice President, Financial Services (R)
Rebecca Bradley, Assistant Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships (R)
Matthew Carmichael, Chief and Director, University Police Department (R)
Emilio Carranco, Assistant Vice President and Director, Student Health Center (R)
Larry Chapa, Director, Testing, Evaluation, and Measurement Center (R)
Tammy Coyle, Manager, Employee Relations, Human Resources (R)
Rosario Davis, Assistant Vice President and Director, International Affairs (R)
Rebecca Dickey, Director, Advancement Services (R)
Martha Fraire-Cuellar, University Registrar, University Registrar (R)
Cheryl Harper, Assistant Director, Dean of Students (R)
Alexandria Hatcher, Title IX Director, Institutional Compliance (R)
Steven Herrera, Director, Transportation Services (R)
Laurie Hindson, Assistant Dean and Director, Athletic Academic Center (R)
Lynn Lindsay, Emergency Manager, Environmental, Health, Safety, Risk and Emergency Management (R)
William Mattera, Director, Housing and Residential Life (R)
Wendy McCoy, Director, Environmental, Health, Safety, Risk and Emergency Management (R)
Kristina Morales, Compliance Specialist, Institutional Compliance (R)
Dan Owen, Chief Information Security Officer, Information Security Office (R)
Evan Pickrel, Electronic Information Resources Accessibility Coordinator, Information Technology (R)
Brenda Rodriguez, Director, Student Involvement (R)
Sean Rubino, Director, Research Support Services & Export Control Officer (R)
Gavin Steiger, Director, Disability Services (R)
Kelsey Solis, Associate Athletic Director, Compliance (R)
Kim Stringham, Systems Analyst II, Treasurer (R)
Elsa Thorn, Assistant Director, Student Health Center (R)
Marc Turner, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Research (R)
James Vollrath, Director, Utilities Operations (R)
Kathy Wallace, Quality Assurance Coordinator, Research and Sponsored Programs (R)
Nicholas Weimer, Associate Dean, Compliance, Assessment and Sponsored Programs (R)
To Be Named, Representative, ADA Compliance

The Compliance Partners Committee (CPC) consist of employees who have been designated by their Vice President to serve as the compliance Partner for their designated compliance area.  The Committee meets quarterly, and Partners collaborate in their daily activities to mitigate significant risks and reduce the consequences of noncompliance with federal and state laws across the University.  The CPC is charged with promoting a culture of ethical conduct and compliance with legal obligations and coordinating compliance initiatives and assessments.