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Faculty Senate Committee Assignments

An effort has been made to obtain a balanced membership on each of the committees.  Committee assignments were based on the results of faculty-wide committee service preference poll with due consideration to representation of the academic colleges on all of the appropriate committees.  Committee assignment, unless otherwise indicated, will remain in effect until a subsequent roster is released.

No first-year faculty members have been considered for committee work, but all other faculty members, tenured or not, are considered eligible for committee work.  Unless otherwise specified, all student nominations to committees shall be made by the Student Government.

Each committee may bring in other faculty members or administrators for consultation and advice when they see a need.

Qualifications for Student Membership: Students must meet the following minimum requirements for membership on any of the committees:

1. Must have an overall 2.5 GPA prior to being appointed, and maintain a 2.25 GPA during service.

2. Must be free of any disciplinary sanction authorized by the Student Conduct Code.

3. Must be enrolled as a full-time student with at least 12 semester credit hours. A student dropping below the 12 semester credit hours during their term of appointment will be replaced.