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SAP Stakeholder Team

Joyce Munoz, Associate Director, Enterprise Systems, Chair (T)

Madeline Davila Adams, Director, Payroll and Tax Compliance (T)
Dan Alden, Director, Procurement and Strategic Sourcing (T)
Lisa Allen, Director, Student Business Services (T)
Marivel Alvarez, Director, Research Support Services, Sponsored Programs (T)
Blake Bissing, Manager, Compensation, Human Resources (T)
Cristine Black, Associate Vice President, Budget and Planning (T)
Mike Blanda, Assistant Vice President, Research (T)
Katie Bonner, Manager, Human Resources Information Systems, Human Resources (T)
Darryl Borgonah, Associate Vice President, Financial Services (T)
Marcus Bryant, System Support Analyst (T)
Carole Clerie, Associate Vice President, Human Resources (T)
Tammy Coyle, Manager, Employee Relations, Human Resources (T)
Frank Gonzalez, Director, Materials Management and Logistics (T)
Cindy Haley, Associate Director, Accounting (T)
Martin Mills, Director, Enterprise Systems (T)
Tracy Ryan, Director, Budget & Financial Analysis (T)
Valarie Van Vlack, Assistant Vice President and Treasurer (T)
Lyndi Wittekiend, Director, Faculty and Academic Resources (T)
To Be Named, Assistant Director, Human Resources (T)
To Be Named, Director, Accounting (T)

Ex Officio:
Nancy Brister, Senior Business Process Analyst, Enterprise Systems
Margie Chivington, Senior Business Process Analyst, Enterprise Systems
Stacy Evens, Business Process Analyst, Enterprise Systems
Cyndie Holmes, Senior IT Auditor, Audit and Compliance
Donna Hoyland, Business Process Analyst, Enterprise Systems
Millie Von Stultz, Business Process Analyst, Enterprise Systems
Jenny Wiley, Business Process Analyst, Enterprise Systems

The SAP Stakeholders Team is established as a discussion forum  and decision-making body to evaluate, investigate, review, and monitor the financial and human resource systems, including functionality and business practices on behalf of Texas State University.  Topics discussed include projects, charters, new release and testing requirements, downtime, similar matters, including any concerns raised by the members.