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Honor Code Council (Provost/VPAA)

Cristian Lieneck, Associate Professor, Health Professions, Chair (R)
Rachel Davenport, Senior Lecturer, Science and Engineering, Vice Chair (R)

Ashley Arnio, Assistant Professor, Applied Arts (T)
Deborah Balzhiser, Associate Professor, Liberal Arts (T) 
Joel Bergh, Senior Lecturer, Science and Engineering (T) 
Mary Odum Dixon,  Assistant Professor, Education (T)
Sandra Duke, Senior Lecturer, Applied Arts (T) 
Cynthia Gonzales, Associate Professor, Fine Arts (T) 
Lloyd Greene, Senior Lecturer, Health Professions (T)
Jennifer Krou, Senior Lecturer, McCoy College of Business Administration (T) 
Debarun Majumdar, Professor, Liberal Arts (T) 
Jessica Pliley, Associate Professor, Liberal Arts
Dan Schumacher, Senior Lecturer, Fine Arts and Communication (T)
Leslie Anne Shroyer, Senior Lecturer, Science and Engineering (T)
Cathy Thomas, Associate Professor, Education (T)
Amanda Walker, Senior Lecturer, Science and Engineering (T)
Renee Wendel,  Senior Lecturer, Health Professions (T)
Gail Zank, Professor, McCoy College of Business Administration (T)

Student Members:
Quieraney Belvin 
Brandon Parker
Cameron Campbell
Cody DeSalvo
William Frank-Cadoree
Charles Guilhas
Ash Hawkins
Diego Hurtado
Ryan Kerr
Florence Kierstan
Serenity De Leon
Asher Martinek
Jourdan Spence
Kailey Tresselt
Valerie Wosnig
Teagan Wyatt

The Honor Code Council is comprised of trained faculty and student members who hear cases of alleged academic dishonesty.  The Honor Code Council will consider evidence offered by both the faculty member and the student through a hearing.  It will then render its recommendation to the dean of the college where the alleged Honor Code violation occurred.  In some instances, cases may be referred to the Dean of Students Office for further disciplinary review.  Faculty Senate appoints faculty members as needed, and Student Government appoints student members as needed.