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Athletic Advisory Council (Athletics)

Michelle Hamilton, Professor, Health and Human Performance, Chair (R)

Mary Ellen Cavitt, Associate Vice President, Academic Success, PACE Advising Center (T)
Don Coryell, Director, Athletics (T)
Laurie Hindson, Assistant Dean, Athletic Academic Center (T)
Jay Jamieson, Professor, Criminal Justice & Criminology (R)
Charles Kaufman, Senior Lecturer, Journalism and Mass Communication (R)
Lisa Lloyd, Vice President, University Administration (T)
Terence Parker, Associate Dean of Students, Dean of Students (R)
Tracy Shoemake, Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director, Athletics (T)
Kelsey Solis, Associate Athletic Director, Compliance (T)
Debbie Thorne, Associate Provost, Academic Affairs (R)
Britney Webb, Senior Lecturer, Health and Human Performance (R)

Student Members:
Parker Dale, Representative, Student Government
Josh Emmanuel, Representative, Student Athletic Advisory Council
Katherine Stuckly, Representative, Student Athletic Advisory Council
Lauryn Thompson, Representative, Student Athletic Advisory Council

Recommends to the Athletic Director policies and programs for intercollegiate athletics at Texas State University, including activities related to emphasizing the importance of rules compliance. Council meets as needed and members serve one-year terms which may be renewed.