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Working with Texas State University

Texas State University through its Technology Transfer and Contracts is committed to regional economic development through the establishment of strong industrial research and commercialization partnerships.

We are dedicated to creating lasting relationships through timely and fair consideration of proposals and agreements. We are a flexible organization and we offer a variety of templates to use as tools to begin discussions.

Guidelines for University-Industry Collaboration

The university has the authority to negotiate terms that it feels are fair, meet industry standards and that do not violate any of these principles:

  1. Researchers will have freedom to publish and disseminate research results.
  2. Agreements will allow university researchers to utilize the results of their research for education and future research.
  3. University researchers shall be aware of their intellectual property (IP) rights and obligations in any arrangement.
  4. Agreements shall be consistent with all applicable laws and regulations.
  5. Full direct and indirect costs of sponsored research will be recovered.
  6. Commercial rights will be transferred at fair market value.
  7. Students should be involved in university research to the extent practical.
  8. Agreements should in no way hinder a student's academic progress.

Click here to download Principles and Policies For Industry Activities