Speaker Selection Criteria


On his last visit to his alma mater in 1973, President Lyndon Johnson expressed his interest in having students hear for themselves notable leaders from a variety of academic areas. In keeping with President Johnson’s wishes, the goal of the LBJ Distinguished Lecture Series is to enrich the academic dialogue at Texas State by bringing to campus at least one speaker per academic year who is of national or international prominence. Speakers with a wide range of interests are considered, including speakers with expertise and/or experience in politics, fine arts, liberal arts, science, social science, technology, business, and media.

Selection Steps

The Common Experience Committee will recommend a list of speakers, to be narrowed and ranked in order of preference by the Common Experience theme co-chairs for the academic year.

The ranked speaker candidates are presented to the LBJ Distinguished Lecture Series Committee, which will review the candidates for viability and then make recommendations to Texas State's provost and president, whose selection is final.

Criteria for Speaker Selection

Speaker candidates must clearly demonstrate the following to be deemed viable:

  • valued national or international recognition*

  • would add to the intellectual climate of Texas State University

  • would add to surrounding community involvement

  • would appeal to students

  • would garner favorable (to Texas State) media coverage and also enhance the credibility of the university as an institution that seeks speakers representing a wide range of backgrounds and interests

  • would, because of his/her national or international public image, attract a sizable audience for either Evans Auditorium or, in some cases, Strahan Arena at the University Events Center (UEC)

  • would likely accept Texas State's invitation

* National or international recognition implies the speaker is an expert or has excelled in at least one of the following areas: culture, politics, fine arts, liberal arts, science, social science, technology, business, or media.

Additional Speaker Expectations

It is expected that the university will host a reception for the speaker, in addition to the presentation of the LBJ Distinguished Lecture Series medallion to the speaker.

Timeline for Selection

Speakers should be selected and ranked as early as possible in the planning/development of an academic year's Common Experience theme. Ideally, selections should be presented to the LBJ Distinguished Lecture Series Committee by February of the year the theme will be implemented so that the approval steps and negotiation processes will be completed by the time the theme is publicly announced (usually in early June).