Undergraduate Program

Degree Information

The demand for graduates with knowledge of international business, cultural and area studies, and international relations continues to increase. Globalization has created a need for global citizens who are culturally aware and internationally oriented. 

An International Studies degree prepares students for rewarding careers with multinational corporations, government, nonprofit organizations, in education, and other areas of the international job market.

Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (BAIS)
International Relations 

BAIS, Major in International Studies with the following concentrations:

Degree Requirements

All majors are required to complete the Texas State general education core curriculum, the additional Bachelor of Arts degree requirements, the International Studies core including one advanced modern language course, and the International Studies major focus courses. Students must also maintain a 2.75 Texas State GPA and a 3.00 major GPA.

Although a minor is not required in the current catalog, it is an option that should be discussed with the academic advisor.  Students must meet all course prerequisites. If students elect to add a minor to their degree (not required), they must also maintain a 2.00 minor GPA.

All majors are required to complete a global academic experience that should be fulfilled by a study abroad course, but can be substituted with approval from the Center Director with an International Studies Internship (IS 4387 or IS 4687), if the internship entails international work, service, or group research. Consult with the program coordinator for options.

International Studies Minor

Pursuing a minor in International Studies provides non-IS majors with a global perspective. The minor includes 18-21 (dependent upon catalog year) total hours of coursework and provides a valuable international component to any degree plan. Required courses include World Geography, Political Geography, Economic Geography, and an Introduction to International Studies. Students may then choose from the course catalog to fill out their remaining hours.