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Honor Code Procedures-Faculty Member Responsibilities

This is a chronological check list of basic steps to assist faculty members who suspect that a student has violated the Honor Code Policy. The faculty member may consult with their department chair or school director to determine an appropriate academic penalty.

In compliance with the Honor Code University Policy (UPPS No. 07.10.01), the faculty member will:

  1. Schedule a meeting with the student suspected of committing an honor code violation.
  2. During the meeting, clearly communicate your observations and the prescribed penalty to the student if not otherwise convinced that academic misconduct did not occur.
  3. After the meeting, using the TXST (secure) File Transfer system, send the student the Determination Verification Form to obtain their response (accept or non-accept responsibility). Indicate in the message to the student that their response must be submitted using the TXST (secure) File Transfer system.
  4. When you receive the student's completed Determination Verification Form, or after three business days of no response, complete all required entries on the online Honor Code Review Form. Your Texas State NetID and login credentials will be required.
  5. Attach the Determination Verification Form and any supporting documentation related to the Honor Code violation to the Honor Code Review Form.
  6. Based on the submission details, a University Honor Code Hearing Officer will contact the student and/or professor for further processing steps (if necessary).

Reference UPPS.07.10.01 for descriptions and details of violations and other honor code policy information.

Reference the New Honor Code Submission Process Video for clarification on the new online submission process and Determination Verification Form.

Honor Code for Faculty

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