Journal of Texas Music History | Volume 4, Number 1

JTMH Volume 4, Number 1

Issue Contributors

Gary Hartman
is a History Professor and Director of the Center for Texas Music History at Texas State University-San Marcos. Recent publications include the introduc­tory chapter "The Roots Run Deep: An Overview of Texas Music History" in The Roots of Texas Music, Texas A&M University Press, 2003.

Gary Hickinbotham
is a faculty member in the Sound Recording Technology program at Texas State University and is a voting member of the The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. He got his first tape recorder in the late 1960s and has had the good fortune to record Grammy and other award winning albums.

Dave Oliphant
is coordinator of the Freshman Seminars Program at UT Austin. His principal publications are Texan Jazz (University of Texas Press, 1996), and his contribu­tions on jazz to the Handbook of Texas. His other main interest is poetry, and his latest publication is a 300- page poetry sequence, Memories of Texas Towns & Cities, published in 2000 by Host Publications.

Chester Rosson
is an associate editor at Texas Monthly and a contributing member and volunteer at the Texas Music Museum.

Ruth Sullivan
is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, retired in 2000 after a thirty-one year career teaching high school English and history. In 2001, she entered gradu­ate school at Texas State University-San Marcos, working toward a Masters in Public History with a focus on Texas music history. Her thesis project is an oral history of Tary Owens, a Texas music historian, record producer, and blues musician.