Students that do not qualify for an exemption or meet the minimum score requirements will be required to enroll in a paired developmental and core course to improve their skills in the area. These corequisite pairings allow students to take a core class that counts towards their degree while also getting the support they need to be successful.

Restricted Courses Due To TSI Status

While you are enrolled in the developmental corequisite pairing, you will be restricted from enrolling in specific courses until the course is complete at the end of the semester.

TSI Subject Area Restricted Texas State Courses
Reading/Writing HIST 1310, HIST 1320, POSI 2310, 2320, PSY 1300, ENG 1310, 1320, ENG 2310, ENG 2320, ENG 2330, ENG 2340, ENG 2359, ENG 2360
Math MATH 1312, MATH 1315, MATH 1316, MATH 1317, MATH 1319