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We only scan the standard Texas State scan forms or scan forms that have received prior approval by TEMC. You may purchase the standard scan forms from the Texas State University bookstore. Most departments purchase the scan forms in bulk and provide them to their faculty.

Instructional Scanning at No Charge

  • scanning and scoring classroom exams
  • scanning and processing course evaluations

Administrative and Research Scanning

  • Scanning: 5¢ a form (we provide a fee reduction for jobs with 1,000 forms (4¢ a form) or 2,000 or more forms (3¢ a form))
  • Producing Excel: $20 per hour (minimum 1 hour)
  • Running descriptive statistics (frequency distributions or means/standard deviations) or inferential statistics: $35/hour (minimum 1 hour)
  • TEMC will assess charges for special scanning requests which require additional staff time or materials. All additional fees will be approved by you before the job is completed
  • An additional charge of 15¢ a form will be charged for services to organizations or individuals outside of the University

For example, a job for scanning and production of an excel data file with 300 scan forms will be assessed a charge of $15 (5¢ a form) + $20/hour. If you also require descriptive statistics your job will be assessed an additional charge of $35/hour.

Additional Information

When bringing a survey scanning job to TEMC, complete the Administrative or Research Survey Request Form. Administrative and Research Survey requests are processed as quickly as possible on a first-come, first-serve basis. We cannot guarantee a specific turnaround time, although most requests will be processed within five to twenty business days. If the turnaround time for processing does not meet your timeline (with a minimum of five business days), TEMC will scan your survey at no charge and send you a raw data file so that you can make alternate plans for processing. In particular, during finals and while TEMC is scanning course evaluations, it may take longer for the scanning and processing of your job. Include your method of payment under Funding Source.