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ATSD Resources for Faculty

ATSD Testing Resources for Faculty

ODS approved testing accommodations can be provided for any student with a disability by the Academic Testing for Students with Disabilities (ATSD).  Students have the right to request testing with accommodations at a TXST testing center.

Accommodations may also be provided by a faculty member, instructor of a course, or the designee of an instructor.  In this case, the instructor holds responsibility for providing the student with all relevant accommodations approved by the Office of Disability Services (ODS).  If the in-class assessment is to be administered by ATSD, then the instructor must adhere to the policies and procedures listed in the Instructor Testing Guidelines document.

This document is also a resource to find information on the following:

  • ATSD Policies
  • Testing Start Times
  • Student Responsibility for Scheduling
  • Instructor Role for ATSD Testing
  • Providing Assessments to ATSD
  • Receiving Completed Assessment Packets

ATSD Important Testing Documents


Eligible Assessments for ATSD Administration

ATSD proctors assessments that are administered on campus for a class.  For example, students taking an online course where the instructor administers the exams on campus would be eligible to take those exams at ATSD.  Take home exams are ineligible unless the student cannot access his/her testing accommodations (e.g., Student needs a reader, but does not have access to text-to-speech software at home).  All questions as to whether or not an assessment is eligible for administration at the ATSD office should be directed to the ATSD Supervisor.   

Final Exam Accommodated Testing

All finals exams should be requested for the same date and as close as possible to the start time of the in-class exam administration as posted in the Final Exam Schedule unless ATSD has approved an extenuating circumstance waiver. All students that would like to test earlier or later than his/her class must

  1. Obtain professor approval.
  2. Contact ATSD to ask for an exception to the final exam schedule.

If you have students with accommodations who will be taking their final exams with the ATSD office, please note that it is critical we receive your final exams by noon on the first reading day of the Fall and Spring semesters. Instructors who do not provide ATSD with their final exam by the time and date the students has scheduled the final with ATDS will be responsible for accommodating the student in his/her own department.

Faculty FAQs for ATSD & TCRR

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  • You will receive email notifications for each request submitted.

  • No, it is the student’s responsibility to submit requests to ATSD or TCRR according to our scheduling deadlines.

  • Yes, but if the student prefers to test in ATSD/TCRR rather than have the course instructor provide the relevant accommodations, the student has the right to test in the testing center. You can indicate you will proctor your own exams on the Testing Agreement, which will prevent students from submitting requests to test at the testing center. If you proctor quizzes but not exams, you will need to complete the questions on the Testing Agreement.

  • The Testing Agreement is completed at the beginning of the semester to allow ATSD/TCRR to plan for exams for your course. The link to the testing agreement is on the accommodation letter email from ODS. One testing agreement per course section must be completed.

  • We ask for your contact information if we have an urgent concern while the student is testing that may disadvantage the student. Students are NOT able to see this question. We will only contact you if there is a question about the exam administration instructions (calculators, formula sheets, passwords, Canvas exam start time, etc.) not noted until the test begins, if the student has a question during the exam that prevents them from solving the problem/answering (missing information/data/graphs, etc.), or if we need guidance on how to proceed with an alleged academic dishonesty issue.

  • We ask that you complete as much of the Testing Agreement as you can and include tentative dates when possible. We cannot process student requests for your course until we receive the Testing Agreement. The TA cannot be modified by faculty after submitting it, so you will need to email the appropriate testing center if you have updated the dates. We will also ask for the updated date of the assessment on the Exam Instructions completed for each exam.

  • The link to enter exam instructions and upload exam files will be at the bottom of emails when a student submits a request, an exam is approved, and reminders to upload the exam. Links are individualized to each request.

  • We ask to receive exams at least 24 hours before the scheduled date of each request.

  • We must receive final exams prior to noon on the first reading day during the Fall and Spring semesters. Final exams for summer semesters should be submitted according to the regular exam deadline.

  • No.  If you are on a tight deadline for grading your assessments, we suggest that you mark the exam for pick up at the ATSD office by yourself or a designee.

  • Completed exams are typically delivered within one business day from the end time.  However, during peak testing times such as midterms and finals, delivery could take up to 2 business days.

  • Kurzweil is a text-to-speech software utilized by students with ODS-approved accommodations for readers. ATSD uses Lanschool software to ensure access is limited to the website(s) and application(s) needed to take the exam and does not allow students to navigate to any other website or application.

  • Students must test during the final exam period designated by the University Final Exam Schedule. The deadline for students to submit final exams requests is ten business days prior to the requested final exam date for the fall and spring semesters.