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Proctored Exam Service (Testing Center, Round Rock)

Proctored Exam Service (Testing Center, Round Rock)


The proctored exam service at the Testing Center, Round Rock (TCRR) is for students from other institutions or members of the community that need a test administered at an official proctoring site. Texas State students may also use the proctored exam service for makeup and early exams with prior approval of the instructor before scheduling with TCRR. For TCEQ occupational licensing exams, please refer to our TCEQ Testing page. Please note that this is a paid service provided in-person at the facility site. Online proctoring is not available. See fee structure below.

Exams can only be administered during our operating hours and must be completed at least 15 minutes prior to our closing time. If your exam time limit goes beyond the 15 minutes before our closing time, or if you have no time limit on your exam, you will sign a Time Limit Waiver indicating you are aware that all testing ends 15 minutes prior to our posted closing time.


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  • Proctoring fees are based on the time limit of the exam as follows:

    • $40 flat fee per proctoring session up to 2 hours
    • $10 dollars each additional hour greater than 2 hours

    Note: TCRR cannot provide refunds for any fees beyond five business days from the date of payment.

    Exam Delivery:

    If U.S. mail delivery is required, the examinee must provide a pre-addressed postage-paid or pre-stamped envelope.

    If overnight or express delivery is required, the examinee must provide a prepaid shipping form and envelope from Fed Ex. If the examinee uses the prepaid courier option, the examinee is responsible for maintaining tracking numbers and other related information.

  • Set an appointment at TCRR for a Proctored Exam by following the steps indicated. Note that appointments may only be made at most one month in advance of the requested testing date.

    1. Students who attend other learning institutions and members of the community who need proctored testing should first contact their institution or organization for approval, then contact the Testing Center, Round Rock for an appointment.

      Texas State University students who wish to take a makeup or early exam may request proctoring services for a fee of $40. Prior permission of the instructor is required, then contact the Testing Center for an appointment.

    2. Email or call 512.716.4020; please include your preferred day and time for testing, type of testing needed, plus your email and phone contact information.

    3. You will be sent an appointment confirmation email with payment instructions.

  • All examinees who require accommodations must complete a TCRR Accommodated Testing Request Form to test at our facility at least two weeks prior to the desired exam date. Please note that all testing ends 15 minutes prior to our closing time when selecting your appointment date and time. Additionally, be sure to take into consideration special circumstances or any additional time you may need for parking, checking in, making payment, testing, or returning your exam to your instructor or exam authority.