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Check-In Procedures

Ready to take your exam? Visit the check-in procedures pages to learn what to expect when you arrive.



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Requesting an Appointment at Round Rock

Considering testing at the Testing Center, Round Rock? Learn more about which exams require appointments and the process for scheduling.


ID Requirements

Planning to take an exam at the Testing Center, Round Rock? Visit the ID Requirements page to learn about the acceptable forms of identification you will need to present when you check in for your exam


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Credit-By-Examination, CBE, Policies

Explore our CBE policy page to learn about testing deadlines, student responsibility and claiming credit.


Examinees with Testing Accommodations (not for ODS or ATSD testing)

Are you eligible for testing accommodations? Visit our accommodated testing policy page to learn the process for requesting accommodations through the Testing Center, Round Rock.

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Requesting Test Scores

If you need to release score report information after testing is completed, visit our requesting test scores page to obtain the necessary form and instructions.