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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Concrete Industry Management

The BS in Concrete Industry Management degree prepares students who are grounded in basic construction management, who are knowledgeable in concrete technology and techniques and who are able to manage people and systems to promote product and devices related to the concrete industry. CIM professionals find a wide array of opportunities in the concrete industry including positions in sales, operations, technical services and construction management.
The mission of the Concrete Industry Management program at Texas State University is to deliver a student-centered, industry-oriented and nationally recognized education with exceptional graduates knowledgeable in concrete technology and business practices, capable of managing people and systems, and committed to lifelong learning and professionalism.


Construction Science and Management

The Construction Program has been in existence since 1984, with the Mission of producing technically competent and motivated management professionals for the construction industry. During this time the program has grown to over 450 majors and ten (10) dedicated faculty members. Students in this program earn a BS degree in Construction Science and Management, which includes a Business Administration Minor, and an industrial internship served during the student's sophomore year. The program is also accredited by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE), with employment rates approaching 100% and typical starting salaries between $55,000-$60,000.

The Mission of the Construction Science and Management program is to achieve a nationally recognized, student-centered, industry-oriented, construction program that prepares graduates to become outstanding future leaders, well versed in relevant management practices, current construction techniques and methods used to construct the built environment.

In order for the CSM Program to fulfill its mission statement, the program incorporates the following ten program outcomes:

  1. Students will apply an understanding of construction fundamentals.
  2. Students will demonstrate an understanding of construction processes.
  3. Students apply effective communication skills.
  4. Students will understand project risk management and project control processes.
  5. Students will demonstrate strong leadership, management and teamwork skills.
  6. Students will apply modern technology to solve construction related problems.
  7. Students will recognize and apply high professional practices, sustainability and ethical standards.
  8. Students will demonstrate an understanding and application of construction building systems.
  9. Students will demonstrate an understanding of construction business fundamentals.
  10. Students will demonstrate and understanding of safety plans and quality assurance protocols.

Degree Requirements

Use the link below to view the complete Degree requirements as listed in the University Catalog.


Engineering Technology

The BST in Engineering Technology provides students with the technical background to work with engineers in planning production processes, developing tooling, establishing quality assurance procedures, developing safety programs, establishing work methods, and setting time standards. Students can specialize in:

Minor in Technology

Eighteen hours are required for a minor in Technology. At least nine hours must be advanced. The minor is to consist of a cohesive set of courses, often selected to support the student's major. Courses will be determined by conference with a department advisor or the chair of the department.