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New Freshmen

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What courses should I take in high school to prepare?
    In addition to an interest in the construction and/or concrete industry, you should take or be ready to take pre-calculus, chemistry, and introductory physics. 
  • What if I haven't taken introductory courses in chemistry, physics, or math?
    In order to enroll in MATH 2417 (Pre-Calculus) or CHEM 1335 (Engineering Chemistry), you must have a math subscore of at least 24 on the ACT or 520 on the SAT (or have taken MATH 1315 with a grade of C or higher). For PHYS 1315, you must have taken MATH 1315 with a grade of C or higher.  See the specific departments for other appropriate placement based on ACT, SAT, or other requirements.

    Being prepared in math and physics at the beginning makes it possible to complete the CIM degree in four years.
  • How do my AP courses or CLEP credits count toward my degree?
    Credit for courses through AP usually transfer directly as the required course.

    Click here to see how your AP credits will count toward the major.
  • What scholarships are available to CIM students?
    There are many scholarships available to CIM students. The National Steering Committee, the Patrons Board, professional associations, and private firms donate to scholarships for our students. Many scholarships are geared toward students who have shown strong interest in and progress toward their CIM degree, and so it becomes easier to get scholarships the further along in the program you get.  The ISSF scholarship is available to first-year (freshmen or transfer) students.

    Click here to see a list of scholarships and approximate times during the year when applications are due.
  • Will I need to do an internship as part of the program?
    The required internship is the 1-credit TECH 2190 course, suggested to be taken after the sophomore year.  We strongly encourage every student to work in the industry each summer before graduation, in addition to the official internship.  Most firms in the concrete and construction industry hire CIM students during the summer and some will continue employment part time during the school year.

If you still have questions, or would like to schedule a visit to see if Concrete Industry Management at Texas State is right for you, contact Dr. James Wilde, the CIM program director.