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Alumni Stories

Daniela Guillen
BS CIM Fall 2019

Picture of CIM Alumni Daniela Guillen

Quality Control Inspector, Flexicore of Texas

The knowledge I gained from the CIM Program has been beneficial and so unique. I believe it's an experience that only the CIM Program can offer. The professors and everyone involved with the program really want all of the students to succeed. They provide so much help and guidance, not only towards your degree, but with your career. I was able to network and make connections in the industry, but I also met such amazing and fun people within the program. I encourage anyone who is not sure, or just browsing through degrees, to consider CIM!

The Concrete Industry is full of options for students to explore. From my experience, employers love to hear what I was able to learn and accomplish in the CIM Program. I believe it's important for future employers to get involved with the program as well. We are the future of the industry and the CIM Program has helped shape that and hopefully will continue doing so. It is important for the industry to to give back to the program, so it can continue providing the future leaders of the concrete industry.



Jeremiah Crespo
BS CIM 2019


I chose to attend Texas State because of the great opportunity and value I found within the Concrete Industry Management program. The CIM program provided me with more than just an education, it tailored my leadership / professional skills, helped me create a network and develop an understanding of the industry. It also gave me the technical skills and knowledge I needed to become successful post-graduation. The small class sizes offered individualized one-on-one teaching with professors. The hands-on experience through coursework and internships allowed for real-life application, and the scholarship opportunities helped relieve the financial stress of college. 

I would highly recommend incoming students who enjoy problem solving, diverse work environments and providing for a sustainable future to join the CIM program. By joining the CIM program it also allows you the opportunity to get involved with the American Concrete Institute (ACI) student chapter. ACI is a professional organization that is dedicated to furthering the education and research of concrete technology. This is a great place to build your professional network by participating in competitions, attending conventions and to have fun.

Dr. Wilde and the dedicated CIM Board of Directors work hard to provide students the tools and exposure they need to be desired in the workforce. Because of their hard work I was fortunate to have received three offers from the top three producing construction materials companies during my senior year. I began my career as a Project Engineer with LafargeHolcim, where I learned the operations of the company, assisted in technical problem solving and data analysis for a leaner operation. Four months later, I was promoted to a new role as a Performance Engineer. In this role, I took on greater responsibility of analyzing / tracking data to create operational procedures to help positively influence the data and drive profit margins.

I am excited for my future and can thank the CIM Program for how far I have come.




Tate Talamini
BS CIM 2017


I chose to attend Texas State because of the university’s reputation for developing young, educated leaders into individuals that will be able to contribute to the success of a company after graduation.

Prior to enrolling in the Concrete Industry Management program, I studied biochemistry for three years. Although I enjoyed the subject, I never truly felt comfortable with how my career would develop. I had always been interested in the construction field because of the ability to visually see the difference that was made each day while on a job site. I had little knowledge of the concrete, aggregate and cement industries, but I felt that I had found a new home in CIM after talking with Dr. Torres. Not only was I extremely interested in the subject, but I saw the potential to have a great career in a fast-paced industry.

I would advise a new student in the CIM program to be as involved as much as possible and not be afraid to dive into something with little or no previous knowledge. This industry is full of men and women that are willing to share information and their experiences to younger individuals because they truly care and know that helping others enhance their education will contribute to future improvements in the industry.

Alfredo Gonzalez
BS CIM 2014


I began as a project engineer learning and understanding construction’s intricacies and developing my knowledge of concrete in construction. Opportunity and quick ability to learn allowed for a step into project management. As a Project Manager at TAS Commercial Concrete, I have seen the various steps in the concrete construction process for stadiums, tilt walls, and high rises and every day is something new and challenging.

I enrolled at Texas State University in Mechanical Engineering, but quickly sought after the CSM or CIM program after speaking with Dr. Hu because of this need to know and understand construction. I enrolled in the CSM program at the end of my freshman year after completing the general prerequisites for all majors and immediately affirmed this major is where I needed to be after taking the Construction Materials class. I transferred that semester and reorganized my planned courses to fit the CIM graduation path. As the semesters progressed, I used the certifications and knowledge employed throughout school to begin an internship with Heldenfels Enterprise Inc. as a QC Technician. This led to other positions at Lehigh Cement as a chemist and Construction Manager at Meritage Homes. Throughout all of this I was given the opportunity to be a research and teaching assistant within the CIM program, allowing me to dig deeper into the science of concrete. I received multiple CIM patron funded scholarships and went on numerous trips to conventions like the World of Concrete and Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute.

CIM gave me all the right tools to aid in quickly advancing my career in the concrete and construction industry. The opportunities, advancing industry, complexity, and new daily challenges in the concrete industry are all reasons why the CIM is a major to be pursued. I would recommend students attend all available trips, apply for offered scholarships, and shake everyone’s hand.

Savanna Rodriquez
BS CIM 2019

Picture of Savanna Rodriquez

I chose the CIM program because I was interested in the construction industry. I originally studied civil engineering, but realized I wasn't someone who could be in an office all day. The CIM program seemed to be (and was) a practical and hands-on introduction to one of the most important material suppliers in construction. The hire rate after graduation and internships available also sold me on the program.

My graduation goal was to be able to graduate in two years, after I transferred from my prior major, and to have sign for a job before graduation. Both of these goals were beyond met. The department worked with me to receive all of my credits, without being held back for being a transfer student, and I had signed for a job over a month before graduation. I also had offers from several other companies I had interned for, or formed a relationship with, while I was in the program.

I would tell students considering the CIM program to go for it and to get involved! The only way to really enjoy the program and learn is to get involved in extracurricular activities. Concrete lab jobs, conference trips, the ACI Student Chapter and internships are what really teaches you how to work with people and make you a good candidate for hire at the end of your time in college.


Hunter Robb
BS CIM 2017

Picture of CIM Alumni Hunter Robb

Cement Sales Representative, Ash Grove Cement, Houston, TX

During my senior year, the CIM Program helped me connect with companies in the industry to secure a full-time, on-site internship with a commercial flooring company that specialized in concrete polishing and epoxy overlays. That same flooring company offered me a project manager role after earning my degree, placing me in an office in the Pacific Northwest. In this role, I was managing all of our Kroger grocery store projects, from southern Oregon to eastern Montana. Being in that position helped me understand the processes and hurdles that crews are faced with in the field. Currently, I am a cement sales representative for Ash Grove Cement Company in Houston, Texas. This role has given me a more well-rounded perspective of the concrete industry in Texas, and my time spent working as a project manager helped me better understand my clients' needs. I am involved with a variety of customers, facilitating ready-mix work to light weight roofing projects. I use the knowledge I gained from the CIM Program daily to help my customers solve problems and grow their businesses.

The CIM Program is crucial to our field because it is bringing a spotlight to an industry that is growing in demand while shrinking in the number of employees entering the workforce. I always recommend Texas State's CIM program to anyone who is looking at going to college or has a child who will soon be attending college. With 100% of students being employed out of the program, CIM sets its alumni up for success in a thriving industry. I currently support the CIM Program by sitting on the Board of Patrons as the Treasurer and Secretary and by promoting the program any chance I get.

Amy Jimenez
BS CIM 2015


My first summer internship in the CIM program was with Raba Kistner.  I learned a lot during the internship, and throughout my courses in the CIM program.  I have been able to use the things I learned and put them into practice. 

The CIM program helped me learn and gain knowledge and experience in the concrete and construction industry, that I can take with me and use throughout my career. 

The best advice that I could give someone interested in the CIM program is to get out and network with professionals in the industry.  It plays a big role in finding internships, full-time positions when you graduate, and meeting new people in the industry.

I'm the first woman to graduate with a degree in CIM from Texas State University.  I was also able to earn scholarships from ACI Chapters in the San Antonio and Austin areas.  I was able to serve as an officer in the ACI Student Chapter at Texas State.  That experience has helped me as I now have been elected as the President of the San Antonio Chapter of ACI International for 2018.

Chase Carter
BS CIM 2011


I enrolled at Texas State in 2007 as a business management major. Construction had gained my interest over the years so when a friend introduced me to the Concrete Industry Management degree I was sold. CIM combines business management with construction science to give a very unique education to a select group of people. CIM is only offered at 4 universities nationwide.

When you look around the country - and the world - you see concrete everywhere. Highways, retail, office, education, industrial, medical, and even residential home foundations are all concrete. Job opportunities in the concrete industry are immense and the competition for jobs is small.  I interned at TAS Commercial Concrete and immediately was hired after graduation. I started my journey with TAS in the field as a Project Engineer. Once I had a proper introduction to field construction and processes I was promoted to Project Manager. Six years later I am still with TAS and have had the chance for growth and development every step of the way. I manage numerous projects that total tens of millions of dollars annually. Each day is exciting and fast paced, and each project has its own unique challenges.

If you are a driven person who wants to build concrete structures, solve real-world problems, and be a part of a thriving industry, CIM is an excellent place for you to begin your career.