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Program History

CIM nationwide

The Concrete Industry Management program began in 1996 with one university - Middle Tennessee State.  In 2009 Texas State University welcomed the program to campus and developed the local industry Patrons Board.  This partnership with industry has been a great asset to the program through the availability of scholarships, internships, local project site and plant tours, and guest speakers in CIM courses. 

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  •      Texas is one of the largest ready-mix concrete and agriculture businesses in the United States. The concrete business was becoming sophisticated and it was moving from mom and pop shops to corporate America. Companies needed employees that understood concrete, aggregate cement, as well as the accounting and business side of the industry.

         The history of the CIM program initially began with the young people coming out of Middleton Tennessee State University. Graduates of that program were fantastic employees for the market segment.

          As Texas companies began to hire graduates from MTSU, graduates eventually started to miss Tennessee and would return home. Industry leaders in Texas then realized there was a huge need for a CIM program in Texas!


  • Industry companies were consistently updating their processes and DOT rules were changing. Industry leaders were so busy, they did not have time to train new employees in all aspects of the job. Companies needed to fill the gap, without having to take the time to do so

  • Absolutely! We have had several companies that consistently support the CIM program! These companies look to our program first-hand for new employees, internship opportunities and provide classroom support. You can view a few of our industry supporters here.

  •        The first graduating class was recruited during the 2008 recession. The promise of a technical degree ( with a business minor ), plenty of well-paying jobs and a sustainable industry built to last were all great selling points. Successful classes were built on word of mouth, sons/daughters of employees in the concrete industry, and industry professionals recruiting students.

  • 1. Griffin Taylor : Area sales Manager at Holcim

    2. Chris Traina : Owner CWT Construction

    3. Chase Carter : Operations Manager at TAS

    4. Travis Mouser : Senior Project Manager at Sizelove Construction

    5. Wade Carroll : General Manager at Hallet