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Plans and Policies


The Plans and Policies for STAR Park include the Strategic Plan and the Client Handbook. Both of these documents give insight on the plans that are in store for the research facility and the policies of the facility. Plans and policies relating to STAR Park will be added as they become available.

As part of Texas State, STAR Park's Strategic Plan is part of the overall Strategic Plan for the University. The document contains STAR Park's mission, vision, and goals. Additionally, it includes an outline of the process of the facility idea and the continuing program development plan.

The Client Handbook is a general outline of the policies and procedures for clients working with STAR Park. The handbook contains an introduction, entrance requirements, explanations of services provided, and information on the building itself.

Administrative Outlook

STAR Park envisions a future as a critical hub for commercialization, entrepreneurship, and innovation activity for Texas State and the region. STAR Park's goal is to be entrepreneurial, responsive, collaborative, inspirational, and sustainable as a way to foster and achieve innovation. By becoming a critical hub for creativity, STAR Park hopes to inspire those who are committed commercialization, entrepreneurship, and innovation (CEI).