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STAR Park's Mission

STAR Park serves as a catalyst for collaboration supporting Texas State‚Äôs goal of becoming eligible for distributions from the National Research University Fund by growing the regional ecosystem through activities promoting and supporting  commercialization, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

STAR Park's Vision

STAR Park will be a critical hub for commercialization, entrepreneurial, and innovative activity for Texas State and the region, with a responsive governance structure that fosters collaboration, epitomizes sustainability in its funding and operations, and creates an inspirational environment through a sense of place.

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STAR Park's Goals

Goals established by this vision are:
Entrepreneurial: Foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem

  • Create programs, policies, and physical assets, which support a dynamic commercialization, entrepreneurial, and an innovative ecosystem reflecting university-wide strategic directions for research growth and increased outreach.

Responsive: Operate in a flexible and responsive manner

  • Be timely, responsive, and action-oriented in decision-making, client interactions, facilities development, management, and operations. Create programs and physical assets that are adaptable and resilient to change.

Collaborative: Promote accessibility, social interaction, and community

  • Be open and flexible to university and non-university enterprises that benefit the university and reflect strategic research directions established through the Texas State University Strategic Plan. Create a culture of social and professional interactions.

Inspirational: Build a sense of place that reflects the entrepreneurial nature of STAR Park through a physical Master Plan

  • Set design guidelines to form a sustainable, dense, walkable STAR Park with spaces for social interaction. Be context-aware in development scale, massing, and integration of an inspirational design aesthetic.

Sustainable: Achieve self-sustaining innovation

  • Foster innovative processes that allow STAR Park to be open to a wide variety of funding sources to support long-term success.

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