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This page is intended to provide information and appropriate documentation for chemical incidents at STAR Park. Please review the information on this page for the appropriate instructions for your incident. For chemical spills or chemical releases, determine if your spill would be considered a major spill or minor spill by Texas State University standards. Then, select the appropriate form.

Chemical Spills

minor spill is one that meets all of the following criteria:

  • Spilled material is non-toxic
  • Contains only one chemical
  • Does not spread rapidly
  • The location of the spilled material is in an area that is easily accessible with no additional environmental hazards
    • Fires, open circuits, etc.
  • Poses no health, fire, or property risk
  • Is less than five (5) gallons of liquid

If the chemical spill does not meet all criteria, then it is considered a major spill. An overview of the procedures for major and minor spills are found by clicking the appropriate button. This information is also available in the Client Handbook.

In the case of a minor spill:

  1. Notify or designate someone to notify STAR Park Management
  2. Review the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the chemical hazard
  3. Wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) dictated by the circumstances of the spill
  4. Inspect the contents of the spill kit to ensure you have everything you need before starting to clean up the spill
  5. Contain and absorb the spilled chemical using the appropriate items in the spill kit
  6. Complete the STAR Park Minor Chemical Spill Report Form within 48-hours of the incident

major spill is classified as meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • The spilled material is unidentified
  • Toxic
  • Contains one or more chemicals
  • Spreads rapidly
  • Is related to airborne particulates or vapors
  • Poses health, fire, or property risk
  • Is equal to or greater than five (5) gallons of liquid

In the case of a major spill:

  1. Vacate the immediate area of all personnel and assess any injuries
  2. Dial 911 from any landline within STAR Park or any mobile phone and ask for a law enforcement agency to report the spill and any personnel injuries
  3. Notify or designate someone to notify STAR Park Management
  4. If the spill involves flammable liquid, turn off all ignition sources if it is safe to do so
  5. Contain the area by locking doors and posting warnings to prevent personnel from entering the spill area
  6. Designate the most informed person on the chemical attributes to provide information to the spill responders
  7. Notify Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management (EHSRM) of the chemical spill at 512.245.3616
  8. Complete the STAR Park Major Chemical Spill Report Form withing 48-hours of the incident