What is the SLAC Lab?

The SLAC Lab is Texas State's longest standing tutoring center that staffs student tutors who specialize in math, science, writing, business, modern languages, and much more. The SLAC Lab is a walk-in, floating service therefore no appointment is needed and one tutor may be helping multiple students across multiple subjects at the same time. SLAC Lab is funded by Student Services Fees which means that there is absolutely no additional cost to receive tutoring - you have already paid for this service! 

What to expect in the SLAC Lab

Below are frequently asked questions from those who are not sure what to expect when visiting the SLAC Lab.
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  • SLAC Lab is a walk-in tutoring service so no appointment is needed. Be sure to check the online schedule to see hours and subject availability. 

  • There is no additional fee to utilize that SLAC Lab. The Lab is funded by Student Success Fees which is included in your semester tuition & fee bill.

  • The SLAC Lab runs on a floating basis. This means that one tutor may be working with more than one student in more than one subject at a time. Though there is no time limit to your tutoring session, it is important to remember that you are free to work independently until you need assistance and signal a tutor for help if they are working with another student.

  • Before you come to the SLAC Lab, we recommend checking the SLAC Lab Schedules page to ensure there is a tutor for the subject you need help with at the time you plan to visit the lab. Our tutors have consistent schedules throughout the semester but, occasionally, life happens, and a tutor may not be available due to illness, etc. 

  • The SLAC Lab is busiest during the hours of 12pm to 3pm and during test times (midterms). If you prefer a Lab that is less busy, we recommend coming by right when we open and on Fridays. 

  • SLAC Lab runs on a floating basis meaning that tutors often help with more than one student in more than one subject at a time. If the Lab is not busy, the tutor may be able to work with you one to one but, that is not our primary tutoring model and is not guaranteed.

  • In adherence to Texas State's Honor Code, SLAC Lab tutors cannot help with take-home tests or quizzes. In some rare occasions, faculty members may allow students to receive help from SLAC tutors. If this is the case, we must receive advanced notice in writing directly from your instructor. 

  • No. The SLAC Lab is located on the 4th floor of Alkek Library which is a group work floor.

  • If there is not a tutor available for your class, we recommend trying another academic service on campus, many of which are also paid for by your tuition and fees. If you are not sure what other resources are on campus, you can see a list of them on our website

  • All SLAC Lab tutors must maintain a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, earned a B or better in all courses they tutor, and have passed a diagnostic exam covering the content they tutor. Additionally, Lab tutors are required to be interviewed by current Lab Leadership and provide academic references. 


The SLAC Lab is certified by the College Reading & Learning Association's International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC) at Levels I, II, and III.
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