SLAC Private Tutor Referral

SLAC's Private Tutor Referrals Program provides students with easy access to qualified private tutors. Private tutors are not employed by SLAC directly which means this is not a free service.

After you complete the private tutor request form below, a SLAC staff member will send you an email with the names and contact information of qualified tutors. It is then up to you to reach out to the private tutor to inquire about a potential session.

Each private tutor sets their own rates and will work with you to set up a preferred meeting time and place. SLAC recommends meeting in the SLAC Lab for your first session. It is important that you and the tutor agree on a rate before the tutoring session begins.

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  • Since private tutors are not paid directly through SLAC, price range is up to the individual private tutor. It is important that you and your private tutor agree on a price rate before you meet for the session. You will pay the private tutor directly. Prices for private tutoring are typically higher during finals week.

  • A SLAC staff member will email you available private tutors' contact information within 24 hours excluding weekends. There may not always be a private tutor who is available to help with your requested course. In that case, we will do our best to send you additional resources. 

  • SLAC Lab at one of the private tutoring tables located along the wall by ALK 411 and the book stacks.

  • Private tutors must maintain a 3.0 GPA and have earned a B or better in all courses they wish to tutor. Private tutors are also required to take a diagnostic exam covering the content they tutor as well as interview with current Lab Tutor Leadership. 

    Not all private tutors are current Texas State students. Private tutors can include Texas State alumni, retired teachers, current Texas State students, or anyone else who has the passion and capability to tutor. Though your private tutor may not be a current Texas State student, they will still follow the Texas State Honor Code.

  • If you have a complaint about a private tutor, please reach out to the SLAC Tutorial Services Coordinator.

    Kathryn McDaniel