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Institutional Effectiveness Council

Beth Wuest, Associate Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness, Chair

Sonya Armstrong, Representative, Education (R)
Janet Bezner, Representative, Health Professions (R)
Cristine Black, Representative, Budget and Planning (R)
Mike Blanda, Representative, Research (R)
Kambra Bolch, Representative, University College (R)
Chad Booth, Representative, Science and Engineering (R)
Lynn Brinckmeyer, Representative, Fine Arts and Communication (R)
Matthew Brooks, Representative, Academic Affairs (R)
Susan Day, Representative, Liberal Arts (R)
Valerie Fleming, Representative, Academic Affairs, Curriculum and Academic Programs (R)
Martha Fraire-Cuellar, Representative, University Registrar (R)
Heather Galloway, Representative, Honors College (R)
Cynthia Hernandez, Representative, Student Success (R)
Lynn Ledbetter, Representative, Faculty Senate (R)
Brandi Martinez, Representative, Staff Council (R)
Bobby Mason, Representative, University Administration (R)
Doug Morrish, Representative, Applied Arts (R)
Lon Olson, Representative, Institutional Effectiveness, Assessment (R)
Greg Passty, Representative, Science and Engineering (R)
Eric Paulson, Representative, The Graduate College (R)
Ben Rogers, Representative, IT Assistance Center (R)
Tracy Shoemake, Representative, Athletics (R)
Whitten Smart, Representative, Information Technology (R)
Alexis Stokes, Representative, McCoy College of Business (R)
Marc Turner, Representative, Institutional Research (R)
Kelly Visnak, Representative, University Libraries (R)
Maria Wasley-Valdez, Representative, University Advancement (R)
David Wierschem, Representative, McCoy College of Business (R)
Dana Willett, Representative, Distance Education (R)
Lyndi Wittekiend, Representative, Faculty and Academic Resources (R)
To Be Named, Representative, Student Success (R)

Ex Officio:
Debbie Thorne, Associate Provost (R)

The Institutional Effectiveness Council (IEC) at Texas State University provides leadership in ongoing, integrated, and institution-wide research-based planning and assessment processes leading to achievement of the university mission and goals, as well as continuous improvement in institutional quality. The IEC further enables open and constructive communication among constituents. The council meets once per long semester.