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Faculty Qualifications Advisory Committee

Matt Brooks, Assistant Provost, Chair (R)

Kambra Bolch, Associate Dean, University College (R)
Lynn Brinckmeyer, Professor, Music (R)
Andrea Golato, Dean, The Graduate College (R)
William Kelemen, Professor, Liberal Arts (R)
Duane Knudson, Professor, Education (R)
Scott Kruse, Professor, Health Professions (R)
Bob Vasquez, Associate Professor, Applied Arts (R)
Alex White, Professor, Science and Engineering (R)
David Wierschem, Associate Professor, McCoy College of Business (R)

Ex Officio:
Michael Baker, User Services Consultant II, Customer Engagement
Whitten Smart, Special Assistant, Information Technology

Advises on the university's Faculty Qualification System, including standards, usage, and recommendations for improvement.