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University Safety Committee (VPFSS)

Eric Algoe, Executive Vice President, Operations and Chief Financial Officer, Co-Chair (T)
Shreekanth Mandayam, Vice President, Research, Co-Chair (R)

Ismael Amaya, Representative, Security and Personal Safety Committee (R)
Carlos Baca, Representative, Staff Council (R) 
Matthew Carmichael, Chair, Security and Personal Safety Committee (R)
Lynn Lindsey, Representative, Environmental Health and Safety Committee (R)
Wendy McCoy, Chair, Environmental Health and Safety Committee (R)
Stella Silva, Assistant Vice President, Talent Strategy and Engagement (T)
Casey Smith, Representative, Research Safety Committee (R)
Megan Trad, Representative, Faculty (R)
To Be Named, Representative, Research Safety Committee (R)

Student Members:
To Be Named, Representative, Student Government

The committee is responsible for the overall safety and security of the university and oversee developing and approving safety policies. Advises the university administration in promoting an environment that is safe from recognized hazards for faculty, staff, students, and visitors. This committee serves as an umbrella organization for three safety committees: Environmental Health and Safety Committee, Research Safety Committee, and Security and Personal Safety Committee.