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Honorary Advisory Board Members

A member of the RFSA Advisory Board, upon leaving the Board and/or RFSA members in recognition of valued contributions made, may be nominated by the Executive Committee and approved by the Advisory Board as an Honorary Advisory Board Member.  Honorary Board Members shall have the same privileges of the Advisory Board Members, except the right to vote.

Not Pictured: Mrs. Marlene Silcocks, Dr. Marianne Reese (Past President)

photo of Marian Loep and Kimberly Garrett
Mrs. Marian Loep with honorary member Mrs. Kimberly Garrett
Dr. Alton Brieger
Mr. Alton Brieger
photo of Peggy Brunner
Dr. Peggy Brunner
gary carman
Dr. Gary Carman


photo of Mrs. Gloria Maier and Lt. Col (Ret) Oliver (Ollie) Maier
Lt. Col (Ret) Oliver (Ollie) Maier and Mrs. Gloria Maier


photo of Mrs. Patricia G. Murdock
Mrs. Patricia G. Murdock


photo of Ev Swinney
Dr. Everette Swinney


photo of Bob Whalin
Dr. Robert Whalin


Photo of Dr. James A. (Tug) Wilson and Darlene Schmidt
Dr. James A. (Tug) Wilson and Darlene Schmidt