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Investment Club

photo of Marie and Ron Jager and Gary Carmen
Marie and Ron Jager receiving a thank you plaque from Gary Carman


photo of Gary Carman
Dr. Gary Carman


The purpose of the Investment Club is to provide a forum for the discussion of financial issues pertaining to retirees from Texas State. The stock market, the economy, and medical costs are regular topics covered. But, no subject is off limits. In as much as retirees are receiving pensions, have accumulated investments, and are managing real estate and other properties the scope of pertinent topics is very large. And, by pooling their collective knowledge, wisdom, and experiences, retirees are able to get answers to their financial questions.

The current leader is Dr. Gary Carman. Gary is Distinguished Professor of Finance and Economics from Texas State. His teaching specialties were investments and retirement planning. From time to time other retirees may lead the Club's meetings. Ultimately, Gary tries to bring information to the class in an entertaining manner. The Club meetings are meant to be fun, not work!

If you wish to be added to the Club's mailing list, send your email to Gary's email address: