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Engaging Research

Spring 2021

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AVPR Message

Walter Horton
Dr. Walter E. Horton

I am excited to share an introduction to the Spring 2021 Engaging Research Newsletter.  I think it is fair to say that all “springs” are not the same. 

We are coming out of 2020 having faced one of the greatest challenges ever for the university, Texas, the nation, and the world.  The transition to 2021 included the winter storm of the century and great struggles for so many people in Texas.  What I have seen is that these situations bring out the best in who we are as a community at Texas State:  people helping each other; basic kindness and hard work to make sure our students, faculty, and staff are safe and healthy; and a commitment to keeping our research and innovation mission strong. 

It is so important to stay focused on the science, scholarly activities, and innovation, even as we deal with these unprecedented challenges.  The tools and strategies to be prepared for the next big challenge—and it will come—are directly related to the incredible work going on across the entire university by our community of scientists and scholars.  In this newsletter you will read about some of the diverse and impressive work happening every day in so many areas. 

 So, all “springs” are not the same and spring 2021 is a time when we are emerging, literally, and figuratively, from a dark and gloomy winter. The path ahead looks bright!

Faculty Research Spotlight

Laure Brimbal - School of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Centering Ethics in Research on Law Enforcement Interview Techniques

“We are collaborating with law enforcement agencies to inform our framework with both practitioner and interview subject perspectives.”

New Faculty Research Spotlight

Jasmine Austin - Department of Communication Studies

Communication Professor Builds Community through Scholarship and Activism

Casey D. Nichols - Department of History

Archival Research Brings Stories of African American and Latinx History to Light

Research Program Feature

The Clinic for Autism Research, Evaluation and Support (CARES)

CARES Team Improves Educational Outcomes for ASD-Diagnosed Students Across Texas

Faculty Research Collaboration

NSF Improving Undergraduate STEM Education: HSI Program

Building Culturally Diverse STEM Communities

About ORSP

Exciting research happens every day in every department of Texas State University. Our faculty generate new knowledge and catalyze ideas into reality, combining creativity and determination to achieve innovation.

Each semester, we feature some of these accomplished researchers in our newsletter, where they share their work and advice about funding, managing teams, and more. The newsletter also includes practical tips for finding collaborators, mentoring students, and using ORSP’s resources to the fullest.

Remember, ORSP is here to support your research from start to finish.    

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Evy Gonzales

Jessica Schneider

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