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What We Do

What We Do

To take a research idea from proposal to active award requires the right information and proposal/award management tools. The Pre and Post Award support services has compiled a number of resources to help investigators and their assistants find the offices, documents, information and forms to put together strong proposals for funding consideration.

Pre and Post Award support services is focused to assist principal investigators across campus submit and manage sponsored program contracts and grants. This team manages all of the services necessary to secure, accept, monitor, and report on awards from external funding bodies. From proposal preparation and submission to the closeout of a project, we will assist every step of the way.

Proposal Administration

Every funded research project starts with a proposal to a sponsor. And every proposal that is submitted by the University receives a review by a proposal team member along with an endorsement by a member of Pre and Post Award support services management.

Pre and Post Award support services proposal team works hard to process hundreds of proposals in a year. In partnership with Texas State’s research community, our team works hard to ensure proposal applications are as administratively correct as can be when compared to sponsor guidelines prior to submission.

Awards and Contracts

Pre and Post Award support services team of skilled post award specialists, negotiators and support staff executed and processed hundreds of award documents to allow the university to accept the funds that keep the sponsored program and research enterprises at Texas State moving forward.

Our team handles all awards and negotiates those non-standard awards that require a careful review to protect the interests of the university and of our researchers and to ensure any necessary changes to the terms and conditions of certain awards are made prior to execution.

Our negotiators and post award team works hard on behalf of the research community because Pre and Post Award support services is committed to ensuring the success of every PI on campus.

Pre and Post Award support services provides services to the University sponsored program and research community including sponsored project award account (8- account) setup, sponsor billing and collection, financial reporting to sponsors and outside agencies, certain requisition review and approvals, award final closeout, audit response and support, and training.


Pre and Post Award support services goal is to provide exceptional service for program support through all of services we offer beginning with proposal development up to and including the financial management of sponsored awards and closeout.

Our Vision

Minimize the administrative burden of the research process.

  • Delivering the best possible service
  • Improving communication through the research community; serving as a liaison
  • Maintaining trust-worthy, open-minded relationships

Uphold high ethical standards.

  • Ensuring compliance at all levels
  • Providing cost-effective service
  • Developing a culture of mutual respect

Exhibit leadership in research administration

  • Collaborating to develop consistent and efficient procedures
  • Engaging in training and professional development
  • Maximizing the benefits of technology