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Federal Demonstration Partnership

The Federal Demonstration Partnership is a cooperative initiative among 10 federal agencies and 120 institutional recipients of federal funds; its purpose is to reduce the administrative burdens associated with research grants and contracts. Texas State University is a member. Learn more at their web site:

As a member of the Federal Demonstration Partnership, Texas State is given certain freedoms from federal regulations under the federal government's "expanded authority."

The National Science Foundation serves as the official host of participating agency documents relating to the FDP. Their web site contains a wealth of information. It can be accessed at:

Use of FDP Terms and Conditions by Awarding Agencies

The governance of these grants in order of precedence:

  • Federal Statute that Authorized the Award.
  • Special Award Conditions
  • FDP agency-specific requirements
  • FDP General Terms and Conditions

Agency-Specific Requirements

Other participating agency administrative requirements do not apply to awards made under FDP Terms and Conditions unless they are incorporated as an agency-specific requirement or a special condition of the award. Agency-specific requirements are on the NSF web site.

Agency-specific requirements will provide the following information:

  1. Which awards are covered by FDP terms and conditions?
  2. Any additional prior approval requirements not included in the general terms and conditions.
  3. Which categories of costs aside from those in A-21 are unallowable as direct charges?
  4. Contact information for technical, intellectual property and administrative matters.
  5. Other agency-specific requirements.
  6. Guidance on whether revised budgets must be submitted on agency forms.
  7. The format, content and timing of technical reporting.
  8. The form and timing of final financial report.
  9. Guidance on any additional documentation besides progress reports needed to trigger incremental funding.

Subrecipient Provisions

Subawards from FDP participating institutions or organizations to other FDP participating institutions are governed by FDP Terms and Conditions. Subawards from FDP participating institutions or organizations to non-FDP participating institutions or organizations are subject to the terms and conditions of Appendix A, Provisions Related to Subgrants Made Under FDP Awards.