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Awarding University Funds to Students


When awarding funds to a student, whether from a grant, scholarship or internal/external fellowship, you will need to either:

  • enter the award into the Bobcat Online Scholarship System (BOSS) or, if the scholarship is not established in BOSS, complete a Scholarship Recipient List; or
  • complete the appropriate Accounts Payable form.

To determine which one you will need to complete, please use the Decision Tree below.

Suggested Text for Research Award Letter

To ensure the consistency and accuracy of the information being communicated to students regarding their research-related awards, it is suggested that you use the letter at the below link. It is strongly recommended that you not change the letter (with the exception of adding eligibility criteria) as any changes have the potential to incorrectly communicate information that may negatively affect a student’s other financial aid awards. If desired, you may provide additional award-specific information in a separate attachment to this letter.

Student Award Payment Letter

Students and Scholarship Recipient List

Students whose award is being processed via BOSS (or, if the scholarship is not established in BOSS, Scholarship Recipient List) may visit with Financial Aid and Scholarships regarding how their award may affect the other aid they have received.

First Time to Award from This Account

Prior to awarding funds for the first time from a scholarship, grant or fellowship account, the awarding department will provide the assistant director of scholarships (Financial Aid and Scholarships office) with the established criteria used to select recipients. The criteria information for establishing a scholarship in BOSS will be communicated using the BOSS – Configuration Form. The university will use the information provided on this form to establish the scholarship in BOSS and create a Financial Aid fund code in the student information system (Banner) for the scholarship. This step will allow for the tracking and disbursement of individual scholarship funds within Banner. If a department’s scholarships are not managed in BOSS, a Departmental Scholarship Transmittal form should be submitted to establish a Financial Aid fund code in Banner.

Research-Related Awards Processed Via BOSS

Scholarships, grants and fellowships are intended to assist with educational costs such as tuition, fees, room, board, books, research, etc. Therefore, awards will usually first be applied to a student’s outstanding balance on their student account and any remaining funds issued to the student through direct deposit or mailed check.  

However, an exception can be made for awards intended solely for the student to make purchases needed for their research. When submitting such awards via BOSS (or, if the scholarship is not established in BOSS, Scholarship Recipient List), please be sure to email a separate attachment of your students’ specific research-related expenses (include student name, Texas State ID and itemized expenses) to This step  may assist with the student’s other aid not having to be reduced. Once funds intended for research expenses are processed and disbursed directly to the student, the student will personally purchase the needed equipment, supplies, software or any other materials required to complete their educationally-related research project. Any items purchased with these funds are the students to keep.

Typically, Financial Aid and Scholarships processes award requests within 24 – 48 hours of entry into BOSS (or 48 – 72 hours for submissions via Scholarship Recipient List) by the awarding department. Student Business Services will then disburse the refund to the student in accordance with the refund schedule.

Tax Implications

The refund from Financial Aid and Scholarships may have some income tax implications as it is considered a scholarship under tax laws. For specific tax questions, students should consult with their tax professional as Texas State University is not able to provide individual tax advice.

Students may find it helpful to read IRS Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education, which is available at All federal income tax forms and publications may be downloaded from the IRS website at

Controlled Materials

Even though certain awards may be intended to assist with educational costs, students do not have the ability to purchase certain materials or substances (such as chemicals or live specimens) as an individual on the open market. When such items are needed for a student’s research project, the portion of a student’s award covering these costs will be placed in a university account. The university will then make the purchases on the student’s behalf.

In some cases, equipment may also be purchased under this method. Please note that when purchased in this manner, Texas State assumes ownership of such purchased supplies or equipment. Under this method, Texas State will always make payment directly to the vendors for these purchases. Students should never pay directly for such items and later ask for reimbursement.