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May 2022

Title Sponsor Amount
Establishment of a prairie restoration demonstration site at the Dowell Ranch, Austin, TX, based on the management goals of NPATBUP Native Prairie Association of Texas $25,464.00
CAREER: Higher algebra and symplectic geometry National Science Foundation $12,000.00
Validating a Conceptual Framework for Resistance in Investigative Interviewing Texas Sea Grant $190,902.00
Houston Toad Monitoring and Management at AT&T Work Sites AT&T Foundation $117,590.00
CheMICE: A Chemistry REU in Molecular Innovation and Career Exploration National Science Foundation $304,073.00
Micah Swartz: NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program 2022 National Science Foundation $46,000.00
I-Corps: Social Media Misinformation Interactive Dashboard National Science Foundation $50,000.00
Evaluation Method and Specification on Bonding Strength of Emulsified Asphalt Signatures Insung A&T Co $25,404.83
Fatimah Bouderdaben: NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program 2021 National Science Foundation $46,000.00
Collaborative Research: Middle School Students Graphing From the Ground Up National Science Foundation $293,841.00
Jacobs "JETS" Task Order - McCarthy Jacobs Technology $65,665.60
Jacobs JETS Task Order - R.Davis Jacobs Technology $66,739.20
Alcohol use and misuse among Latinas in the U.S.: Addressing gaps in the literature with a multi-methods approach National Institute of Health ON ALCOHOL ABUSE AND ALCOHOLISM $147,472.00
Three Dimensional Nickel Hydroxide Cathodes for Energy Dense, Safe Nickel-Zinc B Office of Naval Research $75,000.00
Closing the Theory-Practice Gap in Understanding & Combating Epidemic Spreading National Science Foundation $8,000.00
Master's Career Pathways: Exit Survey Project Council of Graduate Schools $25,000.00
National Geographic Grosvenor Scholar Support 2022-2023 National Geographic Society $39,946.00
National Geographic Grosvenor Center Support 2022-2023 National Geographic Society $18,914.00
Unitized Regenerative Fuel Cells for Undersea Refuelable Unmanned Undersea Vehicles Office of Naval Research $74,998.00
COVID: Texas State University Texas Vaccine Outreach and Education X A&M Univ Health Science Center $(1.00)
Guaranteed Texas State University Round Rock STEM-for-All Partnership (RRSAP) and Research Initiative U.S. Department of Education $50,000.00
Does Superior Sleep Physiology contribute to superior memory function? Implications for courteracting Forgetting The McKnight Endowment Fund for Neuroscience $100,000.00