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December 2021

Title Sponsor Amount
Zebra mussel monitoring in Texas water bodies Texas Parks and Wildlife Department $ 67,310.00
Astronaut Photography Cataloging and Image Labeling Project (Task Specification PRS22-753 under Master Agreement EN41500TMS Jacobs Technology $ 12,500.00
A Study of Intermediate Geomaterials and Highly Erodible Rock Kansas State University $ 58,879.00
Predicting critical shear stress of cohesive sediments/soils in riverbeds Kansas State University $ 44,732.00
COVID: Texas State University Texas Vaccine Outreach and Education Texas A&M University Health Science Center $ 150,000.00
Elucidating symptoms clusters in multiple sclerosis using patient reported outcomes and unsupervised machine learning
Signatures on
0 $ 32,785.00
Redesigning the Oil Spill Toolkit for the Texas General Land Office Oil Spill Prevention and Response Program TX General Land Office $ 82,000.00
Language-Based Social Biases in Monolingual and Bilingual Young Adults Society for Personality and Social Psychology $ 1,500.00
Yoga Postures and Slow Deep Breathing in Altering Mechanistic Outcomes in Hypertension National Institutes of Health $ 220,516.00
TxDOT Curation Services for nine projects, NTP XIII Texas Department of Transportation $ 5,315.21
No Peer Rivals: American Grand Strategy in the Era of Great Power Competition America in the World Consortium $ 10,000.00
Assessing ammonia toxicity in Texas unionid mussels Texas Parks and Wildlife Department $ 97,190.00
Development of Rubberized Asphalt Binder (PG 82-22) for Low-Noise Double-Layer Pavements Poinix, Inc. $ 35,044.25
US DOE Education Stabilization Fund Program (GEER) TX Higher Education Coordinating Board $ 25,000.00