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The Purchasing Department provides contract development and award support; assisting departments with the solicitation, response evaluation, drafting, review, execution, and reporting of major non-construction contracts for the purchase of goods or services by Texas State.

TSUS Contract Management Handbook

University Contracting Policies and Procedures

UPPS 03.04.02 - Contracting Authority to Commit the University

UPPS 03.04.04 - Approval of Contracts

FSS/PPS 08.01.01 - Facilities Leases

Texas State University Contracted Services Procedures-COMING SOON

Vendors are cautioned that only authorized individuals may sign contracts.
An individual could be held responsible for any purchases they sign on
behalf of the university.
Delegated Contracting Authority list

Contract Flow Charts

Contract Value Minimum: $0 -$99K (Minimum Estimated Time 1-2 weeks)

Contract Value Minimum: $100K - $499K (Minimum Estimated Time 4 weeks)

Contract Value Minimum: $500K and Above (Minimum Estimated Time 11 weeks)


Interlocal Cooperation Contract Template

Letter of Termination

Contracted Services Forms


Attachment Z Email Request  (Used in Conjunction with a Contract that is Originated by the Vendor)  

FS-03 Contracted Services Payment Voucher (Form Instructions)

FS-04 Contracted Services Amendment Form (PSA Amendments Only)

FS-06 Independent Contractor Determination Form (Individual or DBA Only)

FS-07 Contract Close-Out Form (Required for all Contracts $250,000 or Greater)

LBB Compliance Form  (Required for All PO's $50,000 or Greater)

Proprietary Justification Form


Contract "How To" Guides

TSUS Contract Management Handbook

How to Create and Submit a Contract Request

How to Download the Executed Contract

How to Use Contract Request(s) Discussion Tab

How to Submit Returned Contract Request

How to Track the Status of the Contract

How to use Internal Review Rounds

How to view signature status - Being Updated

How to set notifications for Contracts - Being Updated

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