Global Engagement

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Education abroad enables students to diversify their educational experience and become more marketable in a global society. All undergraduate international studies majors are required to complete a global academic experience that should be fulfilled by a study abroad course.

For more information on all opportunities and the process of gaining approval to study abroad, please consult with the Education Abroad Office.

Applying Your Experience

Education abroad can spark personal development in many ways.
You learn to navigate unfamiliar places and customs, gain empathy and understanding of other cultures, improve interpersonal communication styles, and further develop personal confidence and independence. For more information, guidance and tips, on how to unpack your experience abroad, contact Career Services.

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During Your Interview and Included On Your Resume

Education Abroad is an impressive experience that will forevermore be added to your resume, yet students often struggle to describe its transformative nature by explaining how their experience changed them and what they learned during their time abroad. Define the qualities reinforced by your Education Abroad experience and explain how they apply to the job, including but not limited to:

  • dedication to a project
  • perseverance in attaining goals
  • creative thinking, and problem-solving abilities
  • communication skills
  • adaptability, and flexibility
  • ability to work independently
  • adapting to situations of change
  • gaining new knowledge from experiences
  • initiative, and self-reliance
  • identifying new problems/ alternative solutions
  • interacting with people who hold different values, interest, or perspectives
  • willingness to be challenged outside of your comfort zone

Where will you go?

Education abroad is an impressive experience that will enrich your global perspective. What you learn can help you stand out in the job application process.