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TSIE English Online

TSIE Online Advanced Speaking

The TSIE Online Advanced Speaking Course availability is subject to demand. Please visit the TSIE-OAS button below for course information.

TSIE Online Intermediate Integrated Skills

TSIE also offers an online intermediate-level English as a second language course in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This course is for academic and professional development and is non-credit-bearing. Information regarding current enrollment periods is available upon request.

Courses last a total of 14 weeks. Each week, students meet for 2 hours with their professor for face to face instruction. Then, students spend 4-6 hours weekly on independent practice. Course content is available through Texas State University's Canvas platform and meetings between instructor and students will be held through Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Upon completion of the TSIE Online Intermediate course, students will receive:
- a course grade
- a detailed performance analysis based on student learning outcomes
- a summary of their potential next steps based on achievement and performance during the course
- a certificate of completion

To apply for the TSIE Online Intermediate course, please contact TSIE at