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Honors Contract Course

The Honors Contract Course allows an Honors student to enroll in a 3000 or 4000-level non-Honors course, complete additional work that represents a qualitative enhancement to the existing course, and have the completed course with contracted work count for Honors credit. A student may also choose to contract any independent study course offered at the university to count for honors credit. You can download the Honors Contract Information form below. 
The contract application form is found here: Honors Contract Course Form 
and should be submitted by the 12th class day of the long semester or the 4th class day of a summer session.

Honors Independent Study

Honors Independent Study (HON 4391) is offered every semester. This course allows students to study selected materials under the direct supervision of a professor for Honors credit. The course meeting days, times, and substitutions are arranged by the professor and honors student.

Prior to enrolling in an independent study course, a student must meet with Dr. Ron Haas. You can download the HON 4391 Course Agreement below. To make an appointment, please email

HON4391 Course Agreement : Honors Independent Study (PDF, 86 KB)

Honors Thesis

The Honors Thesis is a course that students undertake under the supervision of a professor and possibly, a second reader, on a subject of their choosing. This course culminates in a project of significant size, and is required to graduate in the Honors College. Before registering for HON 4390B, a student must have the thesis proposal approved by the thesis supervisor, and meet with Dr. Ron Haas, to receive final approval to enroll in the course. Find more details on the Thesis Requirements page.

For General Studies (BGS) majors only
BGS majors with an Honors minor should meet jointly with representatives from both the BGS program and Honors if interested in substituting HON 4390B for GNST 4350.