Study Abroad Program

The History Department at Texas State participates in several Study Abroad Programs.  Choose a program below for more information.

Study Abroad | Chester U.K.

The goals of this program are to give the students a rich historical and cultural experience through excursion-based learning and close interaction with the local population while not on excursions and in the students' personal time and travel.

Students will experience an immersive experience in British and Irish History, Culture, and Life. Excursions to Dublin, Liverpool, Manchester, London, York, Durham, and Edinburgh will allow students to travel all over the British Isles and experience the sights and sounds of the UK.

Study Abroad Chester
Study Abroad India

Study Abroad | India

This faculty-led study excursion will will take place in Goa and Mumbai, India.  The program and will introduce students to the major historical periods of India, the beliefs and practices of Indian religions, as well as the cultural traditions of India, and the literature of ancient and modern India. Students will also learn of the lasting impact of British imperialism in India and of the strategies of Mahatma Gandhi and the nonviolent Indian independence movement for freedom from British rule.

Study in America Program

Study-in-America/Off-campus programs provide students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in their studies. Students are able to physically travel to a destination that holds importance in their course.  Students get the experience of studying beyond the traditional classroom setting, much like studying abroad.

Study in America Program