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Department/School Policies

Department/school policies, often have a greater bearing on non-tenure track faculty who fall within the university administration’s definition of “adjunct faculty,” than do university policy and procedure statements. All faculty have access to written university policies via the university’s online PPS system, but non tenure-track faculty have may have limited access to such policies within their own academic unit, and little if any access to these policies outside of their own academic units.  It is important that all faculty have easy access to the policies that govern their employment, review and duties, although non tenure-track faculty may feel inhibited about requesting policy information from department/school administrators.

In many cases, university policies must be written broadly in order to accommodate variations in practices across disciplines, hence more specific department/school policies may further delineate or even increase expectations established at the university level., There is wide variation in the number of non tenure-track faculty employed in each department/school, so the need for localized policies will vary. 

During the Fall 2012 semester, the Adjunct Faculty Committee (now the Nontenure Line Faculty Committee) requested that all Department Chairs and School Directors provide written department/school policies that govern non tenure-track faculty, The goals of this effort are to establish whether such department/school policies are in place across campus; and, for those that exist, to allow comparisons and a more comprehensive overview of similarities and differences in interpretation of the university policies that apply to non tenure-track faculty.  Specifically, the request was for policies in the following areas:

  • non tenure-track faculty hiring
  • non tenure-track faculty development and mentoring
  • Merit and performance review policies for non tenure-track faculty

Click on a department/school link below to access the documents that the Committee received in response to this request.  Policy statements applicable to non tenure-track faculty can be embedded within those established for department/school faculty as a whole, in which case, those broader statements that apply to non tenure-track faculty have been included.