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Nov 10, 2010 Minutes

Members present: Senators Brown, Caldwell, Conroy, Feakes, Furney, Huling, Martin, Melzer, Morey, Payne, Stone, Warms.

Guests: Coolidge (Star), Professors McGee, Wiley

Meeting called to order at 4:00.

Honor Code Council:
The Honor Council Chair, Dr. Wiley, presented several issues that have been addressed by the Honor Code Council including:
• ways in which a culture of academic integrity could be more strenuously pursued at Texas State
• student “sharing sites” that include not only lecture notes, but also copies of exams, and that pay students to post information or require a membership fee to access the information. Dr. Wiley suggested that faculty copyright materials they don’t want posted to minimize information available to share on such a site, although it would be up to the faculty members to “track” the violations. Another suggestion discussed was that faculty members not return tests that may be used in future semesters so that students will not have them to post on a website.
• Dr. Wiley also discussed Honor Code violations that may not be able to be pursued when the status of the student in the course changes (i.e. the student drops the course). The report of these violations will be sent to the Dean of Students so that there is a record of such charges on file for that student. One possible remedy suggested was that no student with a pending violation charge be allowed to drop the class in which the Honor Code violation occurred during pursuit of that allegation.

Faculty Development Leave:
A motion was approved to submit the amended developmental leave proposal ratings to the Provost. All 39 proposals will be recommended for approval. The Faculty Senate Chair will send notification to each individual with clarification that the Supplemental Funds will be awarded following a review by a committee convened through the Provost’s office.

Supplemental Funds Committee representation:
Dr. Martin volunteered to represent the Faculty Senate on the Supplemental Funds Committee to review the 2011-12 developmental leave proposals for which a supplemental grant was requested.

UPPS 04.05.02 Tobacco Policy:
The senators discussed their concerns about the enforcement provision (Section 04) and the lack of enforcement or penalty. A discussion about whether to recommend enforcement through issuances of tickets ensued, with no recommendation made.


Texas Council of Faculty Senates (TCFS) review: Drs. Feakes and Martin presented a summary of the discussions held during the Oct 29-30, 2010 meeting in Austin.

Summative Review Committee Chair: A summative review for the Dean of the McCoy College of Business is planned for AY 2011-12. A discussion about the role and requirements for the senator who will chair the committee was held. Several senators were suggested, with the decision to be made at the next meeting.

Faculty Counts and Senate Elections: The number of faculty has not changed sufficiently in any college to change Faculty Senate representation for 2011-12. The Senators with terms ending in Spring 2011 include: Liberal Arts (3); Education (1); Fine Arts (1) and Science (1).

New Business:
PAAG agenda issues were discussed, with decisions to be made at next meeting.

Minutes of 10/20/10 were approved.